To begin with,

From 27/4/2019 in Kobe Sannomiya, we opened our “Prairie Dog Cafe”. Not only our popular prairie dogs, there are also cute chinchillas and rabbits waiting for you. Also a new animal will join us in May♪ Please stop by if you have the chance.


How to get to the Prairie Dog Cafe.
Address: 2-2-7 Asahidori Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo




POTBELLYまでの画像道順案内 👈Access street viewer


📞Phone number:078-241-0805

Nearest Station: JR Sannomiya station or Hanshin Kobe Sannomiya Station

・7 minutes walk from JR or Hanshin Sannomiya Station

・10 minutes walk from Hankyu Kobe Sannomiya Station


Reservation Form Charge System

Prairie Dog Cafe


40minutes 1200 yen

60minutes 1600 yen

with 1 drink tax included

Until 31st May, we are running an opening campaign! If you post a picture of our animals on social media with #POTBELLY you can get a free polaroid♪

500 yen off for elementary school students.

Children under the age of 6 are not suitable.

Treats for animals(Limited)

Treats for prairie dogs

300 yen

2 treats every hour

Treats for chinchilla

200 yen

1 treat every hour

Treats for rabbits

200 yen

2 treats every hour

Extra Time Fee

20minutes 300yen